Chilled Sturgeon Fillet

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          Nutrition Facts / 100 grams:
Energy:                  135 kcal
Lipid:                     5 g
Cholesterol:            77 mg
Carbonhydrate:       0 g
          Vitamines & minerals:
  1. Vitamine A:            875 IU                             Calci:           17mg
  2. Vitamine C:            0 mg                                Iron:            0.9 mg
  3. Vitamine D:            515 IU                             Magie:                   45 mg
  4. Vitamine B6:           0.2 mg                            Natri:           69 mg
  5. Vitamine B12:         2.5 mg                           Kali:             364 mg
How popular it is?
As many articles mentioned, sturgeon is used as a food popularly in the world. It contains many vitamins, minerals especially Selenium an element which is good for human skin, hair and preventing skin cancer or aging progress. It also contains DHA, Calci and Chorine which is good for development of children, elder memories and vital factors for pregnancy. 
They are often used in many restaurants and home parties.
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