Wattle-necked softshell turtle

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Common Name: Wattle- Necked Softshell Turtle
Scientific Name: Tryonychidae / 
Palea steindachneri
Size : 2.0 -10 kg

This small, peculiar-looking turtle belongs to the family Trionychidae, the softshell turtles; a group characterised by their relatively flattened shell which is covered with leathery skin instead of the bony plates (scutes) that other turtles have (4). The shell of the wattle-necked softshell turtle is oval and may be brown, olive-brown or grey-brown. In young turtles, this is covered with small, raised protuberances (tubercles), but the surface of the shell becomes smoother with age (5). The shell on the underside is yellow to cream or greyish and the head and paddle-like limbs are olive to brown (4) (5). Like other softshells, this turtle has a long, retractable neck and a distinctive elongated bony snout (4). The head is patterned with short black streaks and dots and a pale yellow stripe begins behind the eye and runs back along the side of the neck, although these head and neck markings often disappear with age. At the base of the neck is a cluster of rough tubercles, also known as wattles, which lends this species its common name. Male wattle-necked softshell turtles are smaller than females and can also be distinguished by their longer, thicker tail (5).
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Reference 2:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wattle-necked_softshell_turtle

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